Tuesday, November 15, 2005


Vince Young *can* pass in the pocket!

I'm so tired of hearing people try to say that Vince Young has not yet proved he can pass in the pocket.

What the heck are they talking about, saying Vince Young "has yet to prove he can stay in the pocket and throw downfield"? Do you even actually watch football, or just write about it? Vince has thrown for 2,414 yards and 22 TDs, which while it's not the best in the NCAA, is awesome when you consider he also has run for 796 yards and 8 TDs. Not to mention that he did this with a receiving corps that is all freshmen and sophomores, except WR Brian Carter (212 yards, who is injured) and TE David Thomas (457 yards, 4 TDs).

People talk about his weird throwing motion, but how many Major League Baseball hitters have weird bat swings that nobody complains about as long as they keep hitting homers? Compare Vince Young's throwing to former Texas QB Chris Simms', who is now an NFL starter. Young has a beautiful soft touch and accurate, high-arcing long bomb as well as the ability to send a fastball strike when necessary. I've even seen blitzing LBs fail to strip the ball from him because they tried to swat where a QB normally holds the ball, but because VY throws slightly side-armed, the swat went through thin-air. Meanwhile Simms got stripped or blocked so many times it wasn't funny, and he only seemed to ever be able to throw bullets while if he could have thrown downfield, Texas would have been unstoppable with WR Roy Williams (now of the Detroit Lions).

So wake up, Vince can throw in the pocket, and if it collapses, he can throw on the run or just tuck it away and burn you with 4.4 speed. He can throw short or deep, and knows how to put it where only his receiver can get it. He's also a big, tough, strong athlete with a 6' 5", 225-lb. frame, significantly larger than Mike Vick, who is 6' 0", 215. That gives him better vision in the pocket, as evidenced by the fact that he usually hits about 7 different receivers per game.

Can we move on now, please?

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